how to cook

Gordon Ramsay Scrambled Eggs

 Step 1

Before cooking the eggs, Heat the pan on medium and add olive oil. Cook tomatoes and mushrooms. Season with salt.

 Step 2

Crack the eggs in a COLD pan

 Step 3

Scramble the eggs. You need to constantly keep mixing the eggs.

 Step 4

Add salt. Keep mixing the eggs, don't stop.

 Step 5

Add butter to the eggs

 Step 6

Pay attention to the eggs, if it's looking like it's cooking too quickly. Take it off the heat to lower the heat intensity. Then bring it back to the burner to heat it up again. Repeat the heat on and heat off cooking technique. You need to keep mixing the eggs while you do this.

 Step 7

Add creme fraiche to the scrambled egg

 Step 8

Serve the scrambled eggs on top of a toasted sourdough bread.  Add chives on the scrambled eggs. Serve the scrambled eggs  with tomatoes and mushroom

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